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Ebb & Flow : Rocks

Peter Delaney

Peter Delaney

In 2001, I made a decision to quit a career in finance to pursue my dream of travelling Africa in 4x4 Land cruiser. I have spent months in the African Wilderness looking for that unique photograph to showcase the rich variety of Wildlife and the beautiful Landscape that Africa has to offer.


I have been a photographer in some shape or form for 20 years. Ten years ago I decided that the genre "Wildlife" would be my focus. Living in Africa and a love of "wildlife" that seemed an obvious choice. I spent a considerable time alone in the African wilderness honing my craft. I have enjoyed this journey and achieved the goals I had set myself.

Becoming a father for the first time I have now found myself in a quandary. Leaving my son and wife for long periods of time to photograph 'wildlife' has become somewhat heart rending.

Two months ago I decided to change my focus to landscape. Living in one of the most beautiful parts of South Africa, the "Garden route" famed for its beautiful beaches, lakes, forests and mountains. I am spoiled for choice. However a month into my new genre I found myself overwhelmed and underachieved in my work. My focus was too wide. One day I was photographing mountains the next lakes, ocean etc.

I decided I needed to micro manage my focus. I divided my landscapes into categories, I chose the Coastal, I then divided that category and chose "Rocks''. This approach really worked for me as it gave me order and goals.
I was quite hesitant and fearful of learning a new genre. It is a steep learning curve and I have a long way to go. But I am really enjoying myself and pleasantly surprised with my results.

The project titled, Ebb &Flow: Rocks, is based on local/well-known landmarks on our coastline. The garden route is a popular destination for local and overseas visitors and I hope that when my project is finished. To be able to sell my work to this market.

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