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Cameran Ashraf

Cameran Ashraf

I am a university professor originally from Los Angeles, California. I enjoy photography as a medium through which I "grow down" into a greater depth of soul in my life. For me, photography is a way to connect with my intuitive and feeling self. I started photographing seriously when I discovered astrophotography in 2004, and my work has broadened beyond the stars over the years.


Charmlee state park is one of my favourite locations in southern California. It is a gem with hidden beaches, wonderful vistas, old oaks, deep stones, and silent fields of grass. When sea-storm moves through, the trees and grasses heave and sway, rain and earth rush to a muddy embrace, and the whole landscape breathes. It's marvellous. I have come here often over the years, through life's ups and downs, and spent much time photographing the area with pinhole cameras.

The first three of these photographs are from a recent trip to Charmlee, while the final photograph is from an earlier trip. All photographs are taken with a Zero Image 2000 pinhole camera and the film is developed at home by me.

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