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Giannis Gogos

Giannis Gogos

I am a ‘’dedicated amateur’’ photographer based in northeastern Greece. In 2008 I had to buy for my main profession a digital camera and a macro lense. This is how I got into photography…

Having been and still remaining an amateur photographer in this field gives me the luxury to set aside its commercial use. It allows me to take risks, to have no fear of failure and consider my relation to photography and nature.


I begin with an idea and becomes something else’’ ~ Pablo Picasso

That's what this project is all about. Working with multiple exposures in-camera and ICM (intentional camera movement), you can never be sure about the final result.

The following pictures have been created exclusively in the field, pushing my creativity and my camera’s capabilities to the edge. Inspired by artistic movements, I wanted to give a painterly feeling to my photographs. Software is Lightroom or Adobe Raw have only been used to adjust contrast, colour balance and brightness.

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