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Close to Home ~ Thursley Common

David Southern

David Southern landscape photographer

David Southern

Photography has been in David’s blood from the moment he picked up his first camera. On his photographic journey he has taken pictures in a great many places from around the world including recording conservation projects for the World Wildlife Fund, (WWF).  Since becoming a full time photographer in 2018 much of his work has featured the intimate landscapes and wildlife found on his local Northumbrian coastline where he now lives. 

Being immersed in the natural world is where he is most at ease and where he finds his inspiration. David say’s, “I spend many hours exploring amongst rocks, seaweed and sand for compelling little scenes that tell stories of time and tide”.

He regularly contributes to photography magazines, podcasts and exhibitions and has won awards in a number of national and international competitions. An experienced public speaker and mentor, he has featured on local TV and radio.


David Southern 4x4 landscape photography portfolio

South West Surrey is an area of Britain that is not always appreciated by photographers for its landscape photography opportunities. However, it does offer many rich and diverse natural environments. One such location is Thursley Common. This is one of the last remaining heathlands in Surrey and is famed for its diverse wildlife.

Regular visits to this site have enabled me to become very familiar with this location and so gain an insight as to how the time of day, weather conditions and the changing seasons combine to create the optimal conditions to capture this area at its best.

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