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Rombalds Moor ~ Intimate and Vista Photographs

A landscape book project

Rupert Nicholson

I graduated in Photography in 1980 from Art college. I have 30 years of Forensic Photography experience at Major Crime Scenes. I have been taking Landscape Photographs for the last five years. Although most of my work is shot on digital, I have set up a dark room and been printing from medium and large format negatives. Twitter Flickr



A quiet place to cleanse and heal the soul.

Green verdant ferns unfurl new life.

In sunshine the Skylark, suspended overhead, flutters in the air, radiating a beautiful warbling song.

Big boots crunching and grinding on crumbled Gritstone bedding.

Rain washed Peat, with microscopic flecks of glistening Quartz.

Nesting time and the Curlews glide on the eddy, making their distinguished, haunting two note call.

I squelch through boggy Peat to reach the Cotton Grass.

Above the sweeping Bog cotton, a low-lying Stratus layer, and higher up, radiating lines of Cirrus.

August warmth, the fresh scent of Heather with colours of soft Pink and Purple and Magenta.

Large, solid, dark rounded blocks of Gritstone, interrupt the horizon, once climbed upon, I find pot holed pools and strong Westerlies blow rain against my face.

Grey, damp and motionless calm, interrupted by fast-moving grouse, making comical call sounding like “go back, go back.” – say it fast!

A freezing night, the dogs walk on iced puddles, making loud cracking noises.

Distant vertical grey cloud streaks, the onset of large snowflakes floating in the air, gently falling … time to walk home to a log fire. 

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