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Fotospeed’s Foto Fest South

A day of photography inspiration & a celebration of the printed image

Toby Herlinger

Toby Herlinger is Sales and Marketing Director of Fotospeed. Fotospeed was founded in 1989 by Jan and John Herlinger in Wiltshire, England. Now run by brothers Ben and Toby Herlinger, Fotospeed have grown into a thriving business with a loyal following and their finger on the pulse of the latest innovations in digital inkjet printing.


This September, Fotospeed’s Foto Fest South is returning for the third year running, bringing together 4 of Britain’s best photographers and big name brands for a day of photography inspiration and a celebration of the printed image. This year, Valda Bailey, Julian Calverley, Terry Donnelly, and Paul Goldstein are taking to the stage to share their photographic journeys and expert insights.

Making it in the Midlands

What you missed at the first ever Foto Fest Central

This summer saw the inaugural Foto Fest Central event, which saw Fotospeed extended the event to the Midlands after the success of the annual South festival, which was launched in 2016. Speaking on the decision to extend the festival, Toby Herlinger, Sales and Marketing Director at Fotospeed said, “The best thing about the photography community, to us, is the strong desire to help others learn and be inspired, so we were thrilled to be able to bring Foto Fest to more people.”

Foto Fest Central saw talks from several leading landscape and wildlife photographers. Landscape photographer Mark Littlejohn‘s talks focused around ‘atmosphere’, and how being selective in your composition can help create a sense of intrigue within the viewer, while Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson, spoke about the creative process of collaboration, and how working with other photographers can help you to explore different styles. Leading photographer Charlie Waite’s talk asked some probing questions about the origins and future of landscape photography, as well as addressing the question ‘where does the impulse and compulsion to want to photograph originate?’. Wildlife photographer Tom Way answered questions about what it takes to be a wildlife photographer, including details on the importance of light and composition when trying to compose a sellable image.

Each of the talks were designed not only to give an insight into the way each photographer captured some of their most important images, but to encourage photographers to learn new skills and try new techniques. “What I would like to think,” said Mark Littlejohn, “is that people will listen to me, listen to Tom, listen to Charlie, listen to Morag and Ted, and pick out the bits that apply to them. It’s about doing what’s right for you. What I do suits me, it might not suit you. But there might be a small aspect of what I do that suits you.”

“It doesn’t matter at all that they’re in a different discipline,” added Morag Paterson, “because although that might not be what you’re interested in, or the way you work, it’s the thinking behind what they do and how they execute those photos … it’s all so helpful to hear. And it’s inspiring for us as well.”

What to expect at Foto Fest South

An opportunity to get hands-on

As well as a programme of inspirational talks, this year’s Foto Fest South sees the launch of the brand new Capture to Output station, where you can try out some of the latest photography products, take away top tips, and create your very own printed image to take home.

Your chance to be inspired at Fotospeed Talks

Valda Bailey

In her talk ‘Photographic Impressionism’, Valda Bailey explains how and why to look beyond the obvious approach in landscape photography. Her top tip for creating alternative landscape images.

The secret, she says is time. “Spend time in a place,” she says. Rather than rush from location to location, really get to know a small area. I believe creativity thrives on boundaries.”

Terry Donnelly

Terry Donnelly will share his thoughts on capturing the personality of a subject in a photograph in his talk ‘An Approach to People Portraits’.

“My talk will include my approach to shooting portraits, including my thought process before, during and after the shoot, as well as a look at how to use different types of lighting setups and lens selections to achieve your desired look.”

Julian Calverley

‘A Journey in Landscape Photography’ will see prolific landscape photographer Julian Calverley take you through his advertising photography, how that led to his love of landscape work, and how he ended up making pictures entirely on an iPhone, including his top tips for creating images for social media.

*Spoiler alert* Julian says that squinting is his top tip for smartphone photography; “start off with simple graphic compositions that lead the eye in and avoid overly busy compositions or scenes, where the detail would be lost when viewed at a small size. Squinting aids the simplification of the composition and breaks the image down into fewer elements,” he says.

Paul Goldstein

Paul Goldstein describes his talk as “the pursuit of the perfect wildlife image, a tortuous and amusing quest for the unobtainable”.

Join him for ‘Catching the Moment’ and hear his experiences, touching on the pinnacles and pitfalls of many years of eventful photography in Kenya, Antarctica, and beyond.

Event details

Where: The University of Bath, The Edge
When: 9th September 2018
Time: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Entry to talks: £40
Entry to Market Place: Free
Anything else?: Free parking on site, all day

For more information and to register for Foto Fest South 2018, click here.

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