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On my doorstep

Hans-Ludwig Beinsen-Ruf

Hans-Ludwig Beinsen-Ruf

I am photographing as an amateur since my early school-days (around the year 1960), starting with 24x36, continuing with 6x6, and now getting familiar with large format, always and only in black and white, on film. I develop the negatives and print the images in my own darkroom.

Near to our home, there is a small natural habitat, called Pflasterbergle, covering an area not larger than about 100 x 150 meters, I guess. Over the last two years, I´ve been visiting this place with my Linhof Kardan Color (4"x5") nearly every other day.

My motivation is not purely the documentation of the place,  but the recording of the mood, my personal reception and interpretation. So I feel the autumnal leaves in pfb01 to be dancers, the thistles in pfb02 to perform a stage scene, the leaves in pbf04 showing different stages of life, and in pfb03 reminding on ray-fishes underwater.


Staging the scene

Different stages of life

A reminder of ray-fishes underwater

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