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On the daily way to the office

Karsten Zeidler

Karsten Zeidler

I live in Berlin and am a geographer. Photographically, I'm autodidact. I often take pictures on holiday, which I often spend in Scandinavia. In recent years I have also concentrated on motifs on my daily way to the office on the outskirts of Berlin.


The conditions for nature and landscape photography at my place of residence on the outskirts of Berlin are not optimal. It was only a few years ago that I realized that even small areas in the city that are largely unspoilt can be worthwhile motifs for nature and landscape photographers. For some years now I have been photographing regularly on my way to work.

The way leads through a suburb of Berlin and past a small valley. A small stream flows through the valley and there are small meadows, woods and old trees. The area I photograph is small, maybe as big as 4 football fields. Meanwhile, I know the area very well, know when the sun is in which position, where which flowers bloom when to mow etc.

Because all this is not very spectacular, I rarely came up with the idea to photograph here regularly. But it is a big advantage to be able to photograph in an area almost daily over a long period of time. This way of photographing opens up good opportunities to improve one's own skills. For example, it is useful to observe how one's own photography, one's own view of things changes over the course of several years. Beside pure nature and landscape motives, I also try to show the coexistence of nature and city in some pictures. In the course of the years, the number of pictures depicting the localities has decreased. Increasingly, I include multiple exposures or over- and underexposures in my work.

I believe that by regularly dealing with one and the same area, I can also improve my ability to photograph in the much more natural and spectacular landscapes of Northern Europe. The next holiday will definitely come...

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