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Frozen River

David Fanning

David Fanning

I started learning about photography as a way to better illustrate the presentations I was making about long backpacking trips. I wanted to improve at capturing the grand landscapes these trips offered. Unexpectedly, I find I now mostly ignore the grand landscapes. I prefer the intimate landscapes that connect me more personally to what I value in nature.


I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. In our city, we have 48 natural areas, scattered throughout the city, but especially along the Poudre River. Several months ago I started a project to visit each of these natural areas and look for intimate landscapes within them. Recently the weather turned cold and the river has frozen over in places. I have been thrilled and amazed at the remarkable images the river affords in its frozen state. I wander along its banks for hours, looking for interesting compositions. It has become one of my favourite ways to spend a morning.

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