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Spring morning in Abruzzo

Fabrizio Marocchini

Fabrizio Marocchini

I am an ICT professional and for me photography is a passion. I love nature, I like hiking and explore it, from the mountains to the sea...all the elements! I love staying for hours waiting for the right light... with my camera, my tripod and my emotions...thinking of the composition and listening to the sound of the sea. Thanks in advance to all the people that will appreciate my work.


Walking on a little mountain pathway, in a cold spring morning in Abruzzo, even a slab of ice can hide fancy shapes and profiles. Just for a moment, it is worth stopping and admiring this wonder.

Perfect squaring is repeated like fractals, making nature more and more fascinating. A thousand bubbles enclosed and hidden in the cold, motionless, seem to want to escape and free themselves.

Like a sun, ice shows its perfect, linear, sharp rays too, forming incredible geometries that are sharp and perfect in their symmetry. Even a face hidden behind the tiny ice seems to look at me and whisper to keep its secret.

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