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Alberta Highway #40

Goran Prvulovic

Goran Prvulovic

I am a software engineer and photographer based out of Southern Alberta since 1997. Carrying on my father's legacy as a self-taught photographer himself, the style of my pictures focuses on the beauty of the Canadian countryside - a location that I'm blessed to be able to call my home.


One of the most beautiful roads in the entire Albertan rocky mountains is a winding path known simply as Alberta Highway 40. Closed for six months out of every year, this countryside route is considered one of the province's most breathtaking sights. For any professional photographer, driving along this route at least a few times is a must.

For this submission, my goal wasn't just to capture the beauty of the landscape but also to focus on how consistent these mountains are. Despite the constantly changing weather during my trip, these ancient mountains exert a sense of permanence, no matter what's going on around them.

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