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Peter Grutter

Peter Grutter

As a counterpoint to my work in the manufacturing industry, I enjoy the outdoors with my dogs and camera. Mainly focusing on wildlife and landscape photography near and far.


For years I have been passionately focusing on wildlife photography, mainly during vacation travels to exotic and exciting locations. But alas - This left a gap in the many months that I am at home with a photographic itch I need to scratch.

Unfortunately, for many years I thought that in order to capture beauty it is necessary to travel away from home. And how wrong I have been…

Fortunately, we live in a beautiful location in Switzerland and my newly found appreciation and love for landscape photography have allowed me to finally discover this fact. The Seetal is close to Lucerne and being close to the alps and with several lakes nearby it is the perfect location for landscape photography endeavours.

And so the project 12x12 is born… Twelve photos were taken loosely in twelve months all within a maximum of twelve kilometres radius from home. I love the rather cinematic and uncommon format 6x17 (or as I jokingly call it 12x34). To top it off it is my objective to adorn a wall with the selection in printouts twelve inches wide.

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