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Roy Money

Roy Money

I grew up in the rural south of the USA and the woods were central to my childhood. One of my early photographic inspirations was Elliot Porter’s In Wildness is the Preservation of the World. The natural environment is my typical subject matter because of its many opportunities to lose myself in the process of perception, not unlike listening to captivating music, but in this case I try to find expression for the uniqueness of those moments when a camera in hand motivates me to look more closely.


Roy Money 4x4

These photographs are from an artist residency at Weir Farm, a National Historic Site in Connecticut, USA. Now administered by the National Park Service, the site includes the estate of an important American painter and 60 acres of woods with many intersecting trails. There were periodic encounters with other meandering visitors but most of the time it was just me and the woods, a human enjoying the proliferation of many diverse forms of being.

With a residency, I had the luxury of forgetting about time and schedule. I had a month to explore the many paths of “living poetry” and I would often stop to take in more fully what seemed to beckon me. Sometimes the resonance would dissipate and I would move along, sometimes my pause would reveal there was more to notice and I would stick around for a while. Often I moved in closer for a more intimate view to marvel at the wonder of amazing configurations and details. I was discovering both my place in the woods and its place in me, and that the boundaries between the two are more porous than is often assumed.

Roy Money - Reaching Up Roy Money - Reaching Down Roy Money - Sharing Space Roy Money - What Remains

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