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Stormwater Facility

Barry Rosof

Barry Rosof

I’m a native New Yorker, a city boy, who moved on business to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1991. After retiring I took up photography, and enjoy making images in several of its genres, including landscape.


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“This is a man-made facility designed to help control flooding during…”

Within walking distance of my home are two “Stormwater Facilities.” They are landscaped depressions with a pond. Each is surrounded by a green space, which in turn is surrounded by suburban houses, schools and playing fields. Waterfowl and other birds visit and nest once the ice melts in spring.

This year, housebound due to the Coronavirus, I had limited reasons to leave the house. Walking the dog was an approved activity. Once the snow melted, I would slip a small camera into my pocket and visit the ponds on my daily dog walks.

My project was to capture images that gave a feeling of being outside of the city. To this end I wanted images without houses, other man-made structures or their reflections. This meant I could rarely include the sky in an image and had to exclude other compositions due to reflections of among other things, power lines. Though the ponds and their surroundings could not be described as spectacular, I had a chance, if not a bit hurriedly due to the dog, to experiment with different camera and post processing techniques.


Barry-Rosof-Sleepy Tree


Barry-Rosof-Canada Geese

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