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End frame: Gateway to the Moors II, North York Moors by Joe Cornish

Michael Cummins chooses one of his favourite pictures

Michael Cummins

Very keen, amateur landscaper always trying to improve. Holiday website publisher when I can fit that in too. Husband, father, grandad, golfer. Season ticket holder at the Mighty Spireites (Chesterfield FC).


Having agreed to write this ‘end-frame’ piece for On Landscape magazine I cast my mind back to my own, early inspirations into landscape photography and recalled admiring Joe Cornish’s images in a variety of National Trust publications from the 1980s if my memory serves me correctly.

I also remember reading his book about Northumberland and a particular 3.30am start on Holy Island which fired my imagination as I wistfully dreamed of pottering around on the beach myself exploring for foreground interest and patiently waiting for the amazing light of sunrise.

Before retiring to my (second) breakfast at 6 that is...!

Later, by several years I imagine, I came across this image by Joe known as 'Gateway to the Moors II, North York Moors'. At once I could see that this is where I wanted to be with my own landscape photography in the years ahead.

But let’s face it - we are not looking at El Capitan here. This is just a simple, fairly unremarkable, but pleasing, English viewpoint.

However, the photograph that Joe managed to create with seemingly modest raw materials is at once immersive, attentively observed, carefully crafted and composed.

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