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End Frame: Callanish Shadows by Wojciech Kruczynski

Mark Hunneybell chooses one of his favourite images

Mark Hunneybell

I am a keen Amateur Photographer based in West Yorkshire. I have a passion to capture dramatic Landscapes.


Like many landscape photographers, I have scoured books for inspiration and motivation. I have numerous books on my shelves, some looked at more than others. I enjoy losing myself for an hour or two, thinking about the images, the locations, the idea behind them and the story of the locations.

Is there a pre story? What is the current story? And also what future does it have? One such image is a favourite and catches my attention. ‘Callanish Shadows’ by Wojciech Kruczynski'. This image takes me back to when I was younger and my imagination had no constraints before I ‘grew up’ when I was able to spend hours storytelling in my mind. This image brings back memories of family holidays and visits to castles and monuments, which fed my active, vivid imagination, especially as my father is an avid historian and loved ancient mythology.

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