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Curved Water

Graham Nobles

Graham Nobles

Graham Nobles

I started in the landscape photography business in the late 1980s and have greatly enjoyed the travel and the wonderful places it has taken me. In what now seems another life, I was put forward as the photographic author for the book "Anthony Hopkins' Snowdonia", produced in conjunction with the National Trust Snowdonia Appeal. There then came two further books; "The Yorkshire Dales" with writer and broadcaster Richard Mabey (Food for Free, Flora Britannica, Nature Cure), and "England - The Nature of the Land" a celebration of the English National Nature Reserves, in collaboration with Natural England. I then went on to teaching digital photography to students at all levels of skills and experience.


Curved Water 4x4

Unlike other National Parks in northern England and Wales, my local patch the Peak District isn’t famed for its dramatic waterfalls. So we must make do. But there is drama to be found in even the smallest of tumbles. Light, curve, reflections; in detail and in their simplicity, there’s more than enough to make an image worth a second glance! Excluding the surroundings, getting in close, can reveal a landscape that might otherwise be passed by unnoticed. Just a few steps either way can make all the difference too; the play of light on the water surface, the interplay of curves and eddies, a reflected landscape to add colour and depth. Thanks to Carol Gregory for the portrait image!

Graham Nobles Beresford Dale, Peak District National Park

Graham Nobles Dennis Knoll, Peak District National Park

Graham Nobles River Manifold, Ilam Park

Graham Nobles Arkwright Mill, Belper, Derbyshire

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