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The Origin

Felipe Schiffrin


Felipe Schiffrin

Felipe Schiffrin was born in Santiago, Chile. He studied film and settled in Mexico in 1999. In his career he has worked in several countries as a director of photography for commercials and feature films teaser, he has photographed for fashion magazines and advertising agencies. Over time, it became increasingly important to develop projects with meaningful content for him. He currently lives in Chile.


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The Origin is my photographic project in the south of Chile, I began to photograph in 2018, this distant and extreme land, where mountains, glaciers, forests and rivers intermingle in total harmony. I walk through places, where the grandeur of the landscapes and the purity of each element, give a feeling of such peace and tranquillity, and a confidence that we are not separated from nature, but that we are part of a whole, although on many occasions we have decided to turn our backs on its existence. The photographs are the testimony of my search to re-establish that connection, that love for our unique world.





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