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Losing Your Way

Staying connected to the moment of recognition

Paul Gallagher

Paul Gallagher is recognised as one of the most accomplished landscape photographers and workshop leaders in the UK today. He has been a writer and lecturer in photography for over thirty years and runs both field and printing workshop nationally and internationally.


Paul Gallagher Loosing Your Way

The Beginning

There are several stages in the creation of an image, and all can have a substantial outcome on its final appearance and the impact to the viewer. The beginning is evident. We head out into the landscape with our cameras and we do this for several reasons. It may be to experience the rich autumn colours as the seasons change, or the freshly fallen pristine snows of the winter. Or maybe it is the warm, low sun of the first light of day that may draw us, or the sun slowly dipping behind the horizon is the perfect recipe we are pursuing. Photographers can also be simply inspired to be in a location almost regardless of the conditions, as just being there is inspiration enough to take photographs. The one component that we all experience is that particular moment when we feel compelled to get our camera out and point it at the scene to make an exposure.

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