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Into the Woods

Exhibition at Crane Kalman Gallery

Ellie Davies

Ellie Davies (Born 1976) lives in Dorset and works in the woods and forests of Southern England. She gained her MA in Photography from London College of Communication.

Davies is represented by Crane Kalman Brighton Gallery in the UK, Dimmitt Contemporary Art in Houston Texas, Patricia Armocida Gallery in Milan, Susan Spiritus Gallery in California, Gilman Contemporary in Sun Valley Idaho, A.Galerie in Paris and Brucie Collections in Kyiv.


Chalk Streams 6

Into the Woods is a new exhibition by British photographer Ellie Davies which will showcase work from her new series Chalk Streams. These waterways are one of the world’s most unique and rare ecosystems, 85% of which are found in the UK. They support a high biodiversity of wild creatures and have been likened to rainforests and coral reefs in their ecological importance, but they are under huge threat from numerous stressors.

In her most recent Chalk Streams and Seascapes series, light from the surface of the sea is overlaid onto forests and rivers. The light represents an ingress on these important ecosystems by the destructive human impacts of climate change, rising sea levels, pollution, water abstraction, farm runoff - the list goes on. The beguiling sparkles hint at the insidious nature of these pressures, the relentless altering and damaging of wild places and the need to protect them. They are a call for change, and although they reflect a sense of deep concern about the urgencies of the climate crisis, they hold a strong and enduring hope for the future.

Chalk Streams 11 Chalk Streams 10

This new series will be shown alongside prints from many of her earlier bodies of work created over the past 10 years in UK woodlands, exploring the complex interrelationships between the landscape and the individual. Throughout her practice, small acts of engagement respond to the landscape. Using the forest as her studio, fires or pools of light hint at a human presence, whilst starscapes taken by the Hubble Telescope reflect on a fundamental disconnection from nature.

Into The Woods will run from 28 July until 18 August 2023 at Crane Kalman Gallery, 178 Brompton Road, London, SW1 1HQ.

For more information, please contact the gallery on 01273 697096 or email enquiries@cranekalmanbrighton.com

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