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End frame: PIA19952: The Rich Color Variations of Pluto’ by New Horizons

David Taylor chooses one of his favourite images

David Taylor Sq

David Taylor

David Taylor is a professional freelance landscape photographer and writer who lives in Northumberland. His first camera was a Kodak Instamatic. Since then, he’s used every type of camera imaginable, from bulky 4x5 film cameras to pocket-sized digital compacts. David has written over 40 books, as well as supplying images and articles to both regional and national magazines and newspapers. He also runs one-to-one workshops in north-east England. When David is not outdoors, he can be found at home with his wife, a cat, and an increasingly large number of tripods.


Picking a photo for Endframe was exquisite torture. There isn’t a photographer I revere above all others. (There are too many to choose from!) Or even one particular favourite ‘go-to’ photo. (Ditto!) And don’t get me started on locations; I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great landscape images from anywhere on the planet. Thinking about it, I could happily wile away an afternoon looking at great photos on any subject, not just landscapes.

Can you see how difficult this proved to be?

So, after spending a few hours quietly going mad through indecision, I decided to cheat. I’ve picked an image shot by a robot. And one taken in a place almost (but not quite) as far as it’s possible to get before reaching the cold emptiness of interstellar space.

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