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The Art of Mystery

Less literal scenes

Eric Bennett

Eric Bennett

As a full-time nature photographer, author, and conservationist, I hope to share the value that wilderness has in its pure, unaltered state. In a world where we are disconnecting from nature more and more every day, I can’t think of another pursuit more worthy of my time and energy. I believe that if I can capture a scene in the right way, my photographs will inspire others to protect the last few wild places we still have left.

I currently live just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah with my wife and three children. While much of my photography is focused on the incredible scenery near my home, I have traveled to over thirty countries to capture the diverse and remarkable beauty of all different environments.


As a nature photographer, my primary goal is to help those who view my work to appreciate the value of pure, unspoiled wilderness. To that end, creating captivating images that seize and sustain the viewer’s attention is key. The longer you can get someone to look at a photograph, the greater the odds are that they will connect with its subject matter. Still, in this fast-paced world where people can consume hundreds of images and videos in a matter of minutes, the big question is, “Why should they stop scrolling just for your image?” While the answer is multi-faceted, practising the art of mystery can be very effective for creating more captivating and engaging images.

3 Apex

I photographed this scene almost an hour after sunset. There was only a faint, ambient light softly illuminating the landscape, and the lack of direct light washed out its colour, making it appear more white. Since I excluded the light source, I was able to overexpose it and raise the luminosity extensively in post-processing in order to bring out the soft highlights and shadows and give it this serene, ethereal, pure feeling.

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