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Rock Art

Vidya Kane

Vidya Kane

Vidya Kane

My name is Vidya Kane. I am a San Francisco Bay Area based nature and landscape photographer. I have spent over 13 years as a landscape photographer with the aim of providing an emotional connect to the beautiful world around us. I specialize in photographing nature at its pristine best - images that capture the brilliant radiance of autumn, vibrant hues of blooming trees and gushing waterfalls.


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California’s Pacific Coast is replete with photographic opportunities ranging from dramatic bluffs to sea stacks, craggy rocks, piers and tafoni. The tafoni formations resemble a honeycomb and is formed by the forces of erosion on rock surfaces. While making this collection of photographs, I wanted to accentuate the textures and patterns of tafoni. Soft directional light provided the perfect conditions to translate my vision into reality.

All the photographs in this collection were made at Bean Hollow State Beach situated roughly 50 miles south of San Francisco.

Rock Art 1

Rock Art 2

Rock Art 3

Rock Art 4

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