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Jan Glover

Jan Glover

Jan Glover

I joined my local camera club in Sydney over 25 years ago and gained my AAPS (Associate of the Australian Photographic Society) in 2007. Over the years I have judged National and International photographic competitions, as well as camera club competitions, and I have been part of seven group exhibitions. I love the challenge of capturing images from the natural environment - especially landscapes, and patterns from nature.


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There are many secrets to be found on the rock platforms on the beaches close to Sydney (Australia). There are special places where the rocks are glorious colours – blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Sea snails make art as they weave their way through the sand at the bottom of a rock pool. Delicate jewel chains of seaweed hide in narrow cracks in the rocks. The high tide sweeps over the pools, causing mini streams and waterfalls. Sunlight catches the ripples and every moment is different. I look for colour, textures, movement, and abstract patterns which reveal themselves momentarily. The day has to be just right for photography – a gentle trickle of water over the rocks, a slight breeze, and a clear sky to avoid the reflections of the clouds.


Pink Ripples

Rockpool Colours

Snail Trails

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