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End frame: ‘Point 660 2’ by Olaf Otto Becker

Darren Ciolli Leach chooses one of his favourite images

Darren Ciolli Leach

Darren Ciolli-Leach is a Graphic Designer and Photographer from Nottinghamshire where he lives with his wife and two children. His love for the outdoors has been the driving force behind his burning passion for landscape photography and he can be regularly found wandering around the Peak District with camera in hand or grimacing whilst climbing the hills on his mountain bike.


Instant attraction is a rare beast. It is a serendipitous moment in time, a brief relationship that will stay with you forever, and often, it can set you on a path that can change your life.

Having spent the last thirty plus years studying and dissecting the nuances of countless photographic images, often taking inspiration and more often than not wondering what inspired the photographer to make that image, I can honestly say that instant attraction has only graced me with its presence a handful of times.

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