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End frame: Nefyn by Pete Hyde

Daniele Bellucci chooses one of his favourite images

Daniele Bellucci

My name is Daniele Bellucci and am a 42 years old IT Security Engineer. Landscape photography for me is a tool that allow me to breathe the beautiful planet we're leaving in some of its most astonishing corners that rarely get attention. I love to find unusual places, unusual compositions. Beauty is like a treasure hunt and it's everywhere. Photography allow me to catch the essence of this beauty which I hopefully convoy to the viewers.


I was already into landscape photography when I came across Pete's outstanding portfolio.

I can't exactly remember how I came across it but I immediately got amazed by that sense of getting lost in emotions that you can feel in each of his pictures. I perhaps started turning my photography more toward an intimate direction and everytime I started going out for pictures I would ask myself "How would Pete shoot here?" or "What emotion would Pete be able to eradicate from this scene and make it available for the time being to humanity?"

Slowly I started getting more and inside myself and I suddenly realised how much of an incredible photographer Pete is! Every single pixel of each Pete's photo has been filled with small and subtle details that all contribute to make each image unique.

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