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My Two Windows Views

Andreas Brink

Andreas Brink

Andreas Brink

I'm a self-taught photographer and started taking pictures at young age with an analogue film camera which later has been replaced by a full frame digital camera. I like great landscapes, but also to capture details, shapes and forms in the landscape. Beside photography I work with images on a daily basis, even if of a special kind. I'm a Geographer working with satellite images. Living in Italy I consider myself a true citizen of the world (or at least Europe), since I'm of German origins, born in Italy and married to a Swede.


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As a child, I lived in the city of Milan, Italy. On good days, when cycling to school, I could see the distance mountain range. Nowadays, I live close to these mountains and can observe and enjoy the mountain view from my window every day. Looking west, I can see not only the great Monte Rosa, which beautifully shines early in the morning but also the entire western Alps mountain range. Every season, every day, the atmosphere is different, and you have to be prepared for the right moment. However, my preferred time of the year is late autumn and winter, with snow on the higher peaks and beautiful colour tones during sunrise.

My second window is in a completely different environment and country; however, it gives me the same emotions and feelings. When not in Italy, I spend most of my time on the beautiful island of Öland in Sweden. In contrast to the mountains, this is a completely flat area. But the nature experience is as strong as in the mountains. In particular, the light is unique on Öland, and coupled with the minimalistic landscape, it transmits a sense of peace, quietness and beauty, inviting for a slow photography approach.

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