About Anna Mikuskova

I grew up in the Czech Republic, in Litoměřice, a small town near Prague. Shortly after receiving a Master's degree in English language and literature I moved to Maine. Living near the ocean for the first time and experiencing the unspoiled solitude of Northern Maine woods, I spent more time than before enjoying and exploring the outdoors and soon developed an interest in photography. Photography became a means of capturing and conveying the beauty of the landscape around me, a new language reflecting a new reality.
I work with medium and large format film cameras and print my negatives in a traditional wet darkroom. The contemplative process in the darkroom and the intimate connection with the final print corresponds to my need for awareness and stillness while exploring the beauty and serenity of landscape.
I have studied photography at Maine Media Workshops, Maine College of Art and since spring 2013 privately with Paul Caponigro.


Northern Exposure