Geraint Evans

About Geraint Evans

I was given my first camera by my parents, a Nettar Ikon, way back in the late 1960s. My father was a very keen photographer. Unfortunately, being a typical kid, I had other things to do rather than grasp the opportunity to learn from him. Although I have had various cameras during the years, I never took more than poorly exposed record shots, though many were of the mountains of Wales and Scotland that my parents took us to. Then in 2014, after yet another rock climbing injury, I started to make photographs more seriously. I seek, through my photographs, to both connect with and present my interpretation of what I notice in the natural environment. Over the last few years, much of my enjoyment from photography has come from experiencing the woodlands local to me and seeking to portray their complexity and change.

Flux: Celebrating the Complexities of Yorkshire Woodland