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Tim Parkin

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Tim Parkin

Content Issue

A Journey into Abstraction

Can we as landscape photographers take images devoid of an understanding of the history and significance of a given place? more


Issue 232 PDF

Click here to download issue 232 (high quality, 168Mb) Click here to download issue 232 (smaller download, 105Mb) more


End frame: Raplee Anticline and the San Juan River, Utah by Christopher Brown

The geology of this area of southern Utah is also interesting. The Raplee Anticline, near the town of Mexican Hat, Utah, was formed by the same plate tectonics that pushed up the Rocky Mountains some eighty million years ago. more


Subscribers 4×4 Portfolios

This issue our 4x4 landscape photography portfolio features are from subscribers: Adam Pierzchala, Beth Young, Daniel Eek & Kate Roberts more

Adam Pierzchala-1240048

Let it Snow!

One weekend in late January I just didn’t believe the evening weather forecast for a chance of snow, after all, we hardly ever get any in the London area. more


Sequoias, Fire and Water

Containing five of the ten largest trees in the world, Sequoia National Park is notable for its fantastic display of old-growth sequoia forests, and the survival of these massive trees is dependent on water and fire in equal measure. more

Daniel Eek 2

Looking Through

I started my journey as a nature photographer a few years ago, at a difficult time in my life. Walking in the woods with a camera was my way to handle the demons chasing me after too much pressure, too long. more


Sawhill Ponds

Sawhill Ponds is located in Boulder County, Colorado. I hadn't been there in years and during this last year of pandemic, I started revisiting every open space located within a 50 mile radius. more


The Beauty Remains

It occurred to me that in the past I used to go to these beloved places for solace and healing, but now it feels as though the healers have fallen ill themselves. more


Peter Heaton

From ‘Dark Landscapes’ to the complexities of layered visuals, drawings and text - and sound - Peter shares with the viewer his home ground of North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Wolds, some of the thoughts and emotions attached to being in the landscape, as well as his concerns for our environment. more

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