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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Content Issue Forty Five

Peter Dombrovskis, On the Mountain

Continuing our overview of Peter Dombrovskis published books we move onto 'On the Mountain' which was published in the same year that Peter died. You can see more images from this book at the bottom of this article. This is quite a difficult book to find second hand and sometimes changes hands for over £300   https://youtu.be/YYD1XWG8oSQ Read more on Peter Dombrovskis Peter Dombrovskis Master Photographer Endframe: “Deciduous Beech In Winter, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair, Tasmania” by Peter Dombrovskis. 1993 Endframe: more


Interview with David Unsworth

We were in Coniston having spent a great afternoon up Levers Water Beck and Church Beck and in the Quarries up at Crowberry Haws in the company of David Unsworth. As we strolled back I had the opportunity to ask David a few questions. Tell us a little bit about your work David Goodness, well it's all based in the Lake District. We live and work in Grasmere; we have more


Interview with David Ward

Last week we put a call out on Facebook and Twitter to solicit questions to ask David Ward in an upcoming interview. We had a great response and we chose the best questions and recorded the result. David was his usual cooperative self and I'm sure we could have gone on a lot longer. https://youtu.be/9obIgvvMZJI Here's a few of David's recent images and you can see more at his website https://www.davidward.photo. more


Phil Malpas

This week we have Phil Malpas as our featured photographer. Phil leads tours and workshop for various companies including Light and Land and My Photoschool and has books on the use of colour in photography, travel photography and a portfolio/guide book with Clive Minnit on 'Finding the Picture'. In most photographers lives there are ‘epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main more


Getting to know Hue…

5Dmk2 using hue shifts in the greens and reds more


Yes, But is it Art?

When I was at art college, I considered ‘artists’ to be a pretty odd bunch – I can say that because I didn’t consider myself to be one of them; I was a ‘designer’ which was a whole different kettle of fish. It appeared to me that art, back then in the late 80’s, consisted of collecting small quantities of bodily juices of varying degrees of unpleasantness, putting them in small containers and displaying them to a backdrop of more

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