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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Content Issue Forty Six

London’s Unforgettable Summer

As a London based photographer I have built up a detailed knowledge of the best places to make images of the city over years of practise. This summer, as you may have noticed there were one or two things going on in the capital raising its profile to lofty heights. This is my account of the last six weeks in our capital with a few pointers on creating collection of images different to any I had made before. more


Colin Bell

Colin Bell is our willing victim this week - an ex video games developer amongst other things, Colin has a particular affinity for the Lake District and his recent images from  Rydal Water particularly caught my eye.. In most photographers lives there are 'epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main moments and how did they change your photography? After getting my more


Mixing to a Reference

The title of this article will mean very little to most photographers unless they have had a parallel life as a studio engineer. If they have they will recognise the well known mastering process of listening to a favourite, well produced song whilst making corrections to a new song that they are currently working on. The mastering process is the final step of taking the finished product from the studio and making tweaks to prepare it for radio, vinyl, more


Peter Dombrovskis

Continuing in our video review of Peter Dombrovskis' work we look at the rarest and arguably the best of his books. Simply titled 'Dombrovskis', the book is a compilation of his work with exacting production standards. Joe Cornish and Tim Parkin look at and discuss a few excerpts. https://youtu.be/I3j8qIquDTg Read more on Peter Dombrovskis Peter Dombrovskis Master Photographer Endframe: “Deciduous Beech In Winter, Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair, Tasmania” by Peter Dombrovskis. 1993 Endframe: Morning Mist, Rock Island Bend by Peter more


Interview with Simon Butterworth

The Bings are Scotland's version of the great oil/gas rush that is currently happening in Alaska and America but in this case the oil shale was baked in great ovens to remove the oil. more


Interview with Anna Booth

There are sadly very few women 'in' landscape photography. Whether this is to do with the problems of being out in the landscape at odd hours of the day is for a different article. What is interesting is that the amount of 'interesting' women photographers is disproportionate to this lack of total numbers - again something for a different article but in the meantime we will ignore the gender and just celebrate the unique photography of Anna Booth. We more

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