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New Images from Michael Kenna


Michael Kenna has posted a bunch of new images on his 'recent images' page, 44 in total drawn from his South Korean work that he was seen taking in the recent video preview we posted. Well worth a look.

Copyright Michael Kenna

Copyright Michael Kenna 2013


  • Hamish Roots

    Just in case any one was wondering, here’s the direct link to the recent images page (a mix of images from different places etc): http://www.michaelkenna.net/gallery2.php?id=11

    and one for the Korean ones only: http://www.michaelkenna.net/gallery.php?id=74

  • Tucniak

    Thank you for the links Hamish

  • Ok this is going to sound all wrong and maybe its the internet presentation of his art, I know my own work looks average on the web, some would say average either way however,

    can someone who has seen the STUDY in the flesh what differentiates Michael’s work. I mean its beautiful stylised, perhaps done on 10×8 plates ? superbly detailed when printed massive ? He has great shape and contrast and he uses a big stopper well. That aside most of Tim’s work on the site has a much bigger wow factor, the opening panoramic with multiple depth of trees and colour is stunning.

    http://www.michaelkenna.net/gallery2.php?id=11 this is a baby elephant in phuket ?

    Although with his printing skills of Black and White perhaps I have answered my own question and as art is subjective its probably just me.

    I would like to be educated here, not flamed if possible :-)

    I look at someone like Stuart Redler who to me has an amazing grasp of shape and contrast in B&W.

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