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    on D810 Live View Split Screen

    Interesting stuff Tim. It was the Live View improvements that most interested me too. When I've used a D800 in the past I've always felt its LV function was a poor relation to my Canon 5D3's. The dual window feature is definitely of interest, I often use LV to check my DoF [...]

    - Duncan Fawkes, 13:22 1st Jul

    on Valerie Millett

    Valerie, your work continues to grow and become more focused and expressive. You certainly do have a feel for the desert landscape! Best wishes to you. G Dan Mitchell

    - G Dan Mitchell, 02:52 30th Jun

    on On Vision… Part 1

    Thank you David, absolutely fascinating - I think of you as a sort of photographer philosopher. I don't know if there is any other magazine focussing on landscape photography where you could read such stuff? Looking forward to the next part.

    - Jay Patel, 13:14 28th Jun

Paul Kenny Exhibition: Seaworks


Landscape Photography Exhibition - Paul KennyThis exhibition is at The Watchtower Gallery, Berwick upon Tweed. It runs from Saturday 23rd February to Friday 22nd March, 2013. Opening reception Saturday 23rd February.

Seaworks is a term Paul Kenny uses to define an ongoing body of work made on or about seashores. The work, building on themes developed over a period of nearly forty years, tries to find the awe inspiring in things easily passed by and which contain issues of fragility, beauty and transience in the landscape; marks and scars left by man and the potential threat to the few remaining areas of wilderness.

Looking at the micro and thinking about the macro.The exhibition will contain works from The Isle of Mull, the North West coast of Mayo, Eire and the coast of North Northumberland.

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