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Urban Landscape Photographer Mike Curry Exhibition in Old Street @ Timberyard


Mike Curry Urban Landscape PhotographerMike Curry teaches and lectures in landscape photography and each of the photographs in this collection has been taken whilst on the way to, or returning from, one of his photography classes.

“I am delighted to be showing these recent works from Mike, a photographer that I have followed closely since commissioning the ‘Greenwich Night Panorama’ for the brasserie at the National Maritime Museum two years ago” says Darren Elliott at Timberyard.

Images of familiar urban sights around London are striking as high gloss acrylic prints. Canary Wharf, Drax and Battersea Power Stations complement the opposing natural vistas of city parklands in Greenwich. This mirrors the very real urban vs rural relationship of both sides of the river.

“Some images were taken impulsively, and some were just visualised and then planned to be taken later in the year“ says Mike, but “all were prompted by the intellectual process of teaching, which brings ideas into focus. Some people would call that ‘being in the zone’ but I prefer the term that I learnt through my yoga practice, ‘being present’."

Timberyard, 61-67 Old Street, London EC1V 9HW

Exhibition runs until the 31st October.

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