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The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more

Lights New York City 1972 Ernst Haas

End frame: Lights of New York City 1972 by Ernst Haas

Photographers that, for me, encompass not only a creative vision but also a philosophy and approach to photography that I aspire to. more

Eden At Shoregill

Interpreting the Found Abstract

So what is it about those abstracts as landscapes that are so appealing, and how might that meaning be interpreted? more


Stories in the Landscape

The project is based on the poem Máj (May), written by the poet Karel Hynek Mácha. The story itself took place in the 70s of the 18th century, 60 years before Mácha made it in his poem. more


Endframe: Morning by Chris Friel

I feel like a bit of a cheat choosing this photograph as a couple a years ago I would not have looked at this sort of thing, never mind bought the book. more


Inside the Outside

Inside the Outside is a collective comprising: Al Brydon, Stephen Segasby, Joseph Wright and myself - Rob Hudson. We were brought together by a similar approach to photographing the landscape. more


Triplekite Mini Book Reviews

Triplekite are well known in the UK landscape photography community as the producers of quality books in this little supported genre. more


Peter Scammell

Although he has always taken photographs, a move from London to Devon gave his photography new impetus. more


Cath Waters

I’ve been enjoying her images for a while, which sit somewhere between landscape photography and digital art. more


Peter Clark

In this issue we talk to Peter Clark - a photographer from Staffordshire who, in my opinion at least, had the best image in this years Take a View competition (The Landscape Photographer of the Year). We asked him the typical questions. In most photographers lives there are 'epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main moments and how did they change more

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