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Lone Pine Zinal

Minimalism in Infrared

The high contrast effects of monochrome infrared images can often be used quite effectively to augment the minimalist feel of landscape photographs. more

Mal2853 Old Dog Final

Old dog, new tricks?

Struggling to think of what to buy me for a birthday present, decided to abandon the usual bottle of whisky and pair of slippers and instead booked me on a landscape photography workshop in the far north of Scotland! Could the old dog learn some new tricks? more

Stonehenge, England


This became a project about crossing boundaries, both geographic and linguistic. It weaves a story through world cultural history in an accessible way, from a personal point of view. It illuminates a universal human story. more

Paul Gallagher landscape photographer 11

Passing Through – Paul Gallagher

Being as the lockdown has put a bit of a dampener on the concept of Passing Through, we've decided to go virtual and have a remote chat with Paul Gallagher about what he has been up to since we spoke to him last. more


Travels in a Strange Land : Dark Spaces

Over the last few years, Matt Botwood has been exploring the creative side of his landscape photography in various ways. The most significant of which is his series "Travels in a Strange Land". more


The Myth of Universal Colour

While we were working on the Big Camera comparison, one of the things that became quite clear was that the different sensor devices we looked at were producing images whose colour was quite different. More importantly, when we tried to fix the colour from one to look like another, it proved impossible. This rung a few bells with me from a couple of years ago when I was looking at whether it was possible to simulate Fuji Velvia 50 by more

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