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10 years as a Professional Landscape Photographer

Some reflections

Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom

Theo Bosboom is a passionate photographer from the Netherlands, specialising in nature and landscapes. In 2013, he turned his back on a successful legal career to pursue his dream of being a fulltime professional photographer. He is regarded as a creative photographer with a strong eye for detail and composition and always trying to find fresh perspectives.



This year marks 10 years since I left my law practice behind and took the plunge into professional nature and landscape photography. And yes, that is cause for celebration! Because the fact that I am still in this profession after 10 years means that it is viable and that I have managed to make my hobby my job. And most of the time, it actually still feels like 'living the dream'.

The anniversary is a great time to look back at the past period. What has changed? And what will the future bring? Although I am under no illusion of being complete, I would like to mention some developments in landscape photography that stand out for me. So herewith are some musings from a now fairly experienced professional landscape photographer.

Theo In Action 2022 (c) Paulien Bunskoek

The Business Side

When I started as a professional photographer in 2013, the digital revolution had already taken place. This meant that the market for photographers had already changed dramatically, with the main feature, of course, being that the value of photos plummeted dramatically. Although I would have loved to have experienced the financial golden age in photography, I think it was an advantage for me that I started when the market had already changed. Now I knew better what I was getting into. Today's landscape photographer no longer makes his money mainly by selling stock photos and publishing articles.

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