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Signs of Devotion

It is often said that painting is an additive art (defined by what is put in) while photography is subtractive (defined by what is left out). Yet Signs of Devotion is filled with many images that seem defined by what is left in. more

Kingdom 13


The process of going back and making the connection between my teenage self, who sought solace and respite in nature, and the person I am today was a potent part of this book project. more

Mourne Mountains

End frame: Mountains of Mourne, County Down by Paul Wakefield

My own photography has changed in many ways since I picked up a camera again. A lot of this is down to studying Paul’s work, I don’t go out looking for the golden light anymore, I am much happier photographing on overcast days, shooting in diffused light, and making quieter images. more

Paul Wakefield

End frame: Iceberg, Fjallsarlon, Iceland by Paul Wakefield

I said at the beginning that this is an image that remains very clearly in my head, and this, in our current world of visual overload, of itself says all that needs to be said about the impact this image has had on me. more


Paul Wakefield

There is an inherent mystery and contradiction in Paul Wakefield’s work that keeps me returning to it. I will never be able to make pictures like Paul’s, nor should I try; perhaps the greatest lesson we can learn from another artist is authenticity, to simply be ourselves. more


End frame: The Isle of Rhum from the isle of Skye by Paul Wakefield

There is a sense of drama and even a touch of melancholy in the soft yet dramatic light being just sufficient directional and beautifully orchestrated in order to bring out the details in the foreground where strong lines draws the viewer into the scene. more


The Landscape – Paul Wakefield

This is the latest book by British photographer Paul Wakefield. A long awaited monograph that includes photographs of both epic proportions and intimate detail. more


On Paul Wakefield and “The Landscape”

While he continues to be recognised as one of the great photographers of his generation in the relatively narrow field where he makes his living, for far too long Paul Wakefield’s images have been outside of the mainstream. more


Paul Wakefield Workshop

If you ask many people who the seminal landscape photographers in the UK were I'm sure a majority would mention Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite. However who would Joe and Charlie mention if asked the same question. The answer would undoubtedly include the well known such as John Blakemore and Faye Godwin but on the colour side I can guarantee Paul Wakefield would be mentioned. Paul is perhaps not more

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