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End frame: Iceberg, Fjallsarlon, Iceland by Paul Wakefield

Judy Sharrock chooses one of her favourite images

Judy Sharrock

Judy is a late and recent convert to the joys of photography. She lives in the New Forest but also has a house in Mellon Charles on the North West coast of Scotland, so both areas provide plenty of scope to develop her landscape skills in two contrasting but beautiful parts of Great Britain. (Author image taken by Julia Moffat.)


I have chosen one of Paul Wakefield’s images as my End Frame. So much has been said about Paul’s wonderful work by those far more knowledgable and insightful than me, what can I possibly add that had not been said before and is worth saying.

These, therefore, are just my personal, rather random thoughts about the image, sometimes prompted by other peoples’ commentary about Paul’s work.

The image appears in Paul’s book called The Landscape. It is a fantastic book and one to which I often return. This image shot at Fjallsarlon in Iceland is one that has stayed very clearly in my head and, thinking back, I am sure it was always in the back of my mind when I visited the Arctic in 2019.

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