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Oils Reflections Zion Utah

Joseph Rossbach

He made the decision to commit to nature photography relatively early, and we talk about how he has made a career of it. more

Sunlit Nolina

Sigfrido Zimmermann

I find joy in sharing my knowledge of biology with my audience and especially when I’m able to do that through my photographs. I like to bring awareness to organisms or ecological processes that my audience might not have known about. more

The Lightness Of Being

Astrid Preisz

Nothing in this world is the same twice, and I began to realise that my images could be what they needed to be, and that they followed who I was at a particular moment in a particular place and time. Inwardly, I stopped more and more calling myself a landscape photographer or a nature photographer or even a photographer or an artist. more


Conversations With Nature by Eric Bennett

I first heard of Eric Bennet after listening to one of Matt Payne’s podcasts. Although the photography was excellent, a notch above the usual in many ways, I thought his work was similar to many other “well-travelled” photographers. more


William Neill – “Light on the Landscape”

If you ever think “what would Ansel Adam’s work be like if he’d taken up colour photography instead of black and white?” then the answer is, depressingly, pretty bad as his short trial of early colour film goes to show. If he’d used colour film from a young age and developed his craft I don’t think he would have been too far from what we see from William Neill. more

William Neill - Rock, Water and Tree, Yosemite

End frame: Rock, Water and Tree, Cascade Falls, Yosemite 2011 by William Neill

The delicious curving lead from the bottom left is beautifully revealed at this speed and water volume. It fulfils its role perfectly and draws the viewer through the image to the beautiful split rock. more


End frame: East Branch, Middle Brook, Somerset County, New Jersey by William Neill

There is the calm of autumn emphasised by the lack of movement in the water and in the trees, creating perfect reflections. It is quite meditative. more


William Neill – Retrospective

William Neill is no stranger to On Landscape, most notably because he runs his own On Landscape column for Outdoor Photographer, but also as we’ve reviewed a few of his e-books previously. more


End frame: Cedars and rock circle, Merced River, Yosemite National Park, California, 1986 by William Neill

It hints at something out of the natural order. Peaceful but somehow slightly unsettling. There are many of the usual components of a landscape photograph, trees and rocks and water but no foliage. more

William Neill's Yosemite - Volume One

e-Books – William Neill

William Neill assisted at Ansel Adams' studio in Yosemite and has worked with many of the top photographers in the world and in the process has himself become part of the group he studied with. more

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