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Cominboeuf Haiku 1

Landscape as Visual Haiku

Most visual haiku images to be found are not linked to words, though there are examples where images have been used as a basis for haiku, or as in the Forms of Japan, existing haiku have been chosen to accompany an image. more

Cloud Allusions 5

Cloud Allusions

In this series of three articles, my intention is to examine some ideas about the practise of landscape photography in the light of the teachings of Zen Buddhism. more

Namnlöst 1 Redigera

Zen and the art of photography

We learn that frustration is caused by desire. It's easy to agree with this wise statement. Perhaps it’s so simple that desire drives us to create pictures which we believe will be successful. more

564a1344 Edit


All I know is that I was wandering with the dog down at Far Away beach one morning. The tide was out. In fact it wasn’t just out. It looked like it was going on its holidays somewhere far off and distant. And as the dog and I wandered, I saw the kelp. more

Roy White 11

Nature Without and Within

I have come to think of my photographic approach as that of losing myself to the experience of seeing, where seeing includes other senses, as well as that of the eyes. more


Finding Flow through Mindfulness

Each one of us possesses an abundance of creative thought and insight. Each of us sees the world in a completely unique way and nobody can say that the way we see the world is wrong. more


Oriental Philosophy & Photography

Art and philosophy are tightly intertwined. Contrary to science, where we try to find answers to questions, art and philosophy look for more questions. Finding the answers to these questions might be a welcome result, but the importance is the questioning process itself rather than the answers. more


Johsel Namkung – A Retrospective

The style, reminiscent of Eliot Porter but with echos of Harry Callahan in his abstract work, is one of considered detail. This are the illustrations to the never published Zen and the Art of Landscape Photography. more

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