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Why do People Photograph?

David Ward examines our motives for making images

“Why do we make photographs?” It seems such a simple question. But when I started to think about it I realised that actually it’s quite a big question and one that few of us have a fully conscious understanding of. In this article I will try to cover what seem to me to be the most obvious motives for capturing views of the world with a camera. Many of these are based upon personal insights gained from my thirty odd years as a photographer; some come from my interactions with workshop participants; and some from conversations with fellow full time photographers. A few of the motives that I will describe are necessarily specific to landscape work whilst others are, I feel, more universal. But I hope that as a whole they will give some understanding of an aspect of our craft that I think interests most of us. Hopefully they will also provide a jumping off point for studying your own motives.

You can see, and read, more of David’s work at his website Into The Light.

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