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T-shirt winning landscape photographer, one time carpenter, full-time workshop leader and occasional author who does all his own decorating.


Creative Parallels Exhibition Talk

Creative Parallels

Review of ‘22


Nobody Expects the Inquisition!

Acquisitions and Inquisitions

Lockdown Podcast #12

Lockdown Podcast #11

Lockdown Podcast #10

Photography: An Art Born of Science

Lockdown Podcast #9

Not According to Plan…

History of Art and Landscape – Part One

Eadweard Muybridge and the River of Shadows

Lockdown Podcast #6

Lockdown Podcast #5

Lockdown Podcast #2

Roundtable Discussion on the Environment for Landscape Photographers

David Ward Exhibition Talks

It’s Time We Were Critical

Time to reflect…


Chromatic Scales

An alternative view…

Has colour photography finally come of age?

There’s no Art without…

Recording of Live Streaming 14th July

Houston, We Have a Problem…

In the Realm of Spirit

End Frame – Near Stonehenge by Charlie Waite


On Vision… Part 1

On Creativity – Pt 2

On Creativity – Part 1

David Ward – Webinar Transcript

Changing Landscapes?

David Ward’s 2013

On Paul Wakefield and “The Landscape”

Leaving Room …

David Ward – 10 Photographs

David Ward – 10 Photographs

Tripod Wars

Facebook Question and Answer Session

Dave Does Digital

Michael Kenna Exhibition

Be Prepared

Interview with David Ward

Giving Beauty a Bad Name

Am I a Landscape Photographer?

A Plea for Broader Horizons

On Meaning in Photography

Hindsight – with David Ward

Why do People Photograph?

Working in a Different Field

Landscape Beyond