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Welsh Light – Glyn Davies

Book review

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

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Glyn Davies has been living and working photography since an early age with a family connection with the arts that runs very deep. Educated in Photography, TV and Film he has taught photography and run a professional photography business for over twenty five years. His primary passion now is the landscape and after recent successes with his first three shorter books (including getting David Cameron to put his hand in his pocket to buy a copy for the royal wedding recently!) this is in comparison quite an epic with 263 pages compared with the first's 120 pages.

The format of the book is a hardback, square paged 10"x10" and each image sites on each typical spead consists of an image on the right and a few lines or a couple of paragraphs of text on the left either written for the book or extracted from Glyn's blog.

The topic for the book is obviously the Welsh countryside and he seems to have covered much of the diverse nature of the countryside and coast

Some of the most stunning images are taken under dramatically moody light on the top of various hills and mountains such as these below. But there are also some very beautiful photographs of the meadows, towns and farmland as well as the inter-tidal sands.

The book gives a very good flavour of the Welsh countryside and reflects Glyn's take on landscape photography - avoiding the cliche'd locations and instead capturing the moment as part of a journey. Glyn is also as happy working in black and white as he is in colour - at one moment working in very high contrast monochrome and another a saturated sunset.

If I had to make a single negative comment on the book it would be that it does seem printing dark at times but this may just be an aesthetic decision but on the very dark pictures such as "White Flash, Red Flash", a lot of the detail is lost.

Given that - if you're a fan of the Welsh landscape and photography - take a visit to  Glyn's website at http://www.glyndavies.com/, his blog or Facebook and have a browse around and if you like what you see - put your money down. Oh - and if you're in Anglesy, pay a visit!

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