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    on D810 Live View Split Screen

    Interesting stuff Tim. It was the Live View improvements that most interested me too. When I've used a D800 in the past I've always felt its LV function was a poor relation to my Canon 5D3's. The dual window feature is definitely of interest, I often use LV to check my DoF [...]

    - Duncan Fawkes, 13:22 1st Jul

    on Valerie Millett

    Valerie, your work continues to grow and become more focused and expressive. You certainly do have a feel for the desert landscape! Best wishes to you. G Dan Mitchell

    - G Dan Mitchell, 02:52 30th Jun

    on On Vision… Part 1

    Thank you David, absolutely fascinating - I think of you as a sort of photographer philosopher. I don't know if there is any other magazine focussing on landscape photography where you could read such stuff? Looking forward to the next part.

    - Jay Patel, 13:14 28th Jun

PDF Issues of On Landscape

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Preview Now! Per Issue PDFs Coming Soon!

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Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

Flickr, Facebook, Twitter


To give people a taste of our PDF we've made a compilation from some of the great content we've published over the last couple of years. You can download this issue by clicking on the image below.

The sample of the pdf magazine has been formatted to work on an ipad (or any other device capable of reading a pdf). It will open in ibook but we
recommend using an app like Goodreader.

Tim Parkin


Flickr, Facebook, Twitter

24 thoughts on “PDF Issues of On Landscape

  1. First, let me say I have been a subscriber since about issue 7 or 8 and I have never been tempted to comment before. I have been content to read the informative and interesting articles of all your contributors and the considered thoughts of your readers. However, your new PDF version is the icing on the cake. This is exactly what I have been waiting for. I love the online magazine and have rarely come across an article that was not worthy of reading. However, since it is almost impossible to get wi-fi access in the places we all love to photograph, this generally means that I had to read the magazine at home or in a cafe. Not easy to take landscape photo’s in these places! Now, I can take my camera and my iPad and go out into the wild. I can find a location, sit and contemplate while waiting for the weather/light etc and I can enjoy my favourite magazine. This is almost too good to be true. Maybe this will even improve my photography since all your contributors are inspirational in one way or another.
    One last comment on the pdf sample. If this is a taste of things to come, I will need to get a bigger iPad to store all the pdfs. Well done to you and all the team.


  2. Agreed, excellent. Do you intend to embed video’s or keep them separate ?
    If you need any further tips on how to do this very well have a look at lenswork.com (you probably have done anyway)

    • Ian

      While it is possible to embed videos in a pdf for desktop use they don’t work in a pdf on an ipad which is a bit unfortunate. The other thing is they do increase the file size considerably. Its something we will look at shortly but my feeling is they will probably be kept separate.


  3. Hi Tim & Andrew.

    This has been a long time coming, but good things come to those… you know the rest. The PDF looks excellent and Andrew has done a great job on the layout. I look forward to seeing these on a regular basis. My only suggestion would be to have a link back to the contents page at the end of each article, just makes it a bit easier to navigate around.

    Cheers Paul.

  4. Amazing design! Judging by what I discovered reading the preview issue, I will find articles I never bumped into while browsing the website before. To be honest, I like to read every issue but almost everything was new to me in the PDF version. I really can’t wait to discover everything back from the beginning. And the experience will be much better.

    I agree with the previous comment of providing some kind of link to the contents page. Usually I like to slide horizontally for navigating from section to section and slide vertically to read the section content, but a link at the end of each section is also a nice choice and probably one much easier to implement.

    A nice addition that will make OnLandscape the definitive landscape photography magazine.

  5. Excellent PDF version…makes reading experience so much better…and even with live links.
    Not worried about link back to contents as on iPad you can click the screen to get all ages and just go back to the beginning.
    Videos..PSE keep separate as ile size will get far to big.
    Guess there may soon be a need to get hyperspace hard drive for ipad anyway!!…fir all the good opt to take on the old.
    Thanks a lot us. Keep up the good work…may stay with you mw as was thinkingf leaving!

  6. This could provide enough reason to buy a tabled device. Could perhaps anyone provide a feedback how this beautifully designed pdf version behaves on smaller 7+inch tablets? Thank you.

  7. Fantastic idea Tim and very well executed in this preview. I can’t wait! Oh yes I have run up and down that hill a few times before!!

  8. Yes a PDF version will be a very good addition to the contents of the site. As a suggestion it would also be nice to have a simplified text only version for Kindle eReader’s and the like (for those of us without iPads and similar). I tried the PDF sample on the Kindle and though it works its not great in the way it transfers (which is typical of more complex PDF’s converted via Amazon to the Kindle).
    I know having endless formats is not really possible but perhaps just the two would be more useful to more people. Just a thought.

  9. Wow, I absolutely LOVE it. I have a small but slowly expanding collection of eBooks and this fits into that format very nicely. For me the eBook/PDF experience is as close as you can get on-screen to the experience of settling down into a comfy chair with a glass of something and a favourite hardback photo book. Looks like I might be needing a more comfy office chair in the future!

  10. Brilliant. Just what we need. Well laid out and just perfect for my ipad. Now I’ll be able to download them and read them whilst on my travels, with no internet connection necessary. Now you can truly say you are a magazine. Although the website is good, I’m one of those who still actually prefer reading ‘magazine’ style, although I have given up buying the UK monthly photo periodicals as they offer little to the more experienced photographer. I’ve enjoyed the Craft&Vison ebooks and now yours is comparable and up there too. Good sensible choice to go with with PDF too. Many mags go for some awful showy-off app which are more often than not over complicated and an eventual turn-off. I just want to turn the pages and read, see the pictures in all their glory and to be able to read them in any pdf reader, on any device. This is going to be a winner.

    • Thanks! We’ll certainly be keeping this quality up and I’m glad you’ll be appreciating it. I agree about the PDF vs App thing too – all very nice having apps but if they get in the way of reading (and take a big chunk of revenue) they don’t make a lot of sense.

      • The PDF is the most sensible choice, and I’m quite happy to have embedded links to online video content. Despite the requests above, embedding video or other content within would detract from the ‘magazine’ style and is not necessary. When buying new books now, being able to acquire them in PDF format is a major factor in my purchase decision these days. Sadly Kindle and some other ePub formats whilst fine for novels, destroy the original layout of the book and seldom work for technical publications. It would be nice to eventually see your back issues transferred to PDF but I guess that would be some project. I’ll look forward to the new PDF issues. Keep up the good work.

        John Birch

  11. Like others who have already commented I think the new PDF format is brilliant and the articles chosen for the initial sample were ones that I shall re-read because they contain much wisdom. It is rare, possibly unknown to come across ‘semiotics’ in any other photographic publication! The subscription to On-Landscape is one of the better decisions I’ve made this year, I have leaned so much, it has made me think about my photography and the back issues have been tasted if not totally digested, This format will make it so much easier to have a library of articles to dip into and the quality on the iPad 3 is really impressive.

  12. The jigsaw is complete, it has always been my only gripe that I couldn’t easily read offline. I tried it using instapaper but because of the PW protected content, I could never get it to work.

    PDF is a sound choice, and as mentioned Lenswork is the market leader to follow in this. The first preview issue looks great.

    Apps are just messy, not meant for magazines with the exception of TRVL – the only iPad magazine / new stand app which I rate. It also has some wonderful travel photography. Check it out.

    • The pdf issue was designed in QuarkXpress and exported as a pdf from there. It was then optimised in Acrobat Pro. Normally when I am creating pdfs I export a postscript file and then use various settings in Acrobat Distiller. However creating a postscript file doesn’t retain the hyperlinks created in Quark.

      • Thank you for your answer. You can edit the postscript and add tags/orders in a way that can be interpreted by the distiller as bookmarks and links. Its a shame that Quark is not produce that automatically.

        Best regards.

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