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David Clapp

Canon in the Lakes

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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We visited David Clapp a couple of weeks ago and spent a day wandering around the lakes. When we woke on the Sunday to some atrocious weather we decided it would be a good opportunity to interview David about his recent activities, the reasons for him being in the lakes and about what he'll be doing for On Landscape over the next year. First though a few pictures that are referenced in the video.

In the middle of the video he also talked about a photograph taken of a cross and halo and we asked him to include the results here. Well, here's the final shot followed by two of the main parts of the composite.

The Final Shot

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  • John Robinson

    Cracking interview lads, I feel exhausted now. David, You’re absolutely bonkers ha ha. Keep up the hard work, wonderful as always :-)

  • milouvision

    Excellent interview which really highlights the sheer amount of hard work needed to maintain David’s business.

  • Richard Downer

    Great interview! Down to earth honest description of the business of landscape photography. Congratulations to David for making a success of it.

  • David Clapp

    Cheers everyone, your comments make it feel very worth the effort. I have a dawn shoot, two meetings, some writing and then I drive to London. It’s making me tired just thinking about it,

  • Simonhi

    Really interesting interview / discussion. Probably the first time I have heard an open an honest discussion on the business side. Not as romantic and one would think. Well done for the effort it must take to keep pushing yourself forwards.

    God knows where your brain starts when thinking about techincal mask construction in Photoshop.

  • ice9001

    Great interview and discussion on the business side of landscape photography . I have always admired your work mate very inspiring and love the quality of the post on your images . The one thing I always struggle with is the complex masks you talk of for exposure blending objects that break the horizon and was thinking this could be a future article for the magazine . Sounds like you have worked hard on all aspects of your photography and it shows in your success .

  • Hancock

    Just caught up with this excellent interview – David you should be on the box – great presentation style as well as content.

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