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An Icelandic Adventure

Is Iceland more than Just Waterfalls and Ice Cubes?

David Clapp

David Clapp

Non-award winning landscape, travel, architectural photographer and writer based in South Devon.

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I love Iceland! There you go I’ve said it. It’s a new love affair, and one which I feel very strongly about, but I have to admit, that it has never been particular high on my list of locations to visit. It’s an almost reckless statement as there is a truly astounding volume of excellent work that has been produced from this small frozen island over the last few years. It’s become a Mecca for landscape photographers, a ‘Do before you die’, bucket list tour. For me though, I was unsure that I could achieve anything that hadn’t been done before though. The myriad of iceberg shots from Jökulsárlón, overcast skies, the endless ‘wizards hat’ mountain images... it’ll look like the contents page of a landscape photography college module, a spot of composition collecting. But no one else can see you with your eyes; No one has your particular vision and feels the inspiration you feel; and that is what I think Iceland is very much about.

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