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Joe Cornish – Reader’s Questions

Part Three

Tim Parkin

Tim Parkin

Amateur Photographer who plays with big cameras and film when in between digital photographs.

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Just before Christmas we asked our readers for a bunch of questions that we could put to Joe Cornish when he visited next and the response was fantastic. In the end we recorded two hours of audio but to keep installments to a useful length (a lot of people say they listen to them over breakfast or during a commute) we’ve split it into half hour sections.

So, a big thank you to Joe and everyone who submitted their questions and here’s the fourth and final section..

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  • Another enjoyable listen and great insight in to Joe’s thoughts/workflow.

    I particularly like the second last image in the article which looks like it was taken in Glen Orchy(may well be wrong), Very nice.

  • LShepherd

    Joe – the pile of ironing had got rather high again so I had the ideal excuse to listen to your interview, whilst getting on with the dreaded chore! I could almost get to enjoy ironing like this ;)

    A lot of interesting topics covered, as always – and I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on cliched images, whether they exist and what makes one. I genuinely believe that if a given number of people visit the same place, regardless of whether they have seen what’s gone before, there is a good chance at least some of them will produce very similar photographs. So is it still a cliche? Probably we could argue that one both ways… and in the end it comes down to whether or not ‘you’ think it is, as you say.

    I once got marked down for an English essay after being accused of paraphrasing some critic. Given I’d never even heard of said critic, I was somewhat annoyed by this. Again, if enough people read the same book, chances are some of them will come up with the same interpretation!

    On the other side of the coin, I found myself photographing a statue in Venice the other day and felt the resulting image would be a cliche. I wasn’t copying anyone’s work (to the best of my knowledge) as I didn’t even know this statue existed, until I went for a little walk. It’s quite recent and apparently the Venetians hate it! Howevever, the subject matter and lighting struck me as cliched – I still like it and think it will make a good stock photograph but not one for the wall – not my wall anyway! ;)

    Anyway, thanks to you and Tim for a thoroughly enjoyable set of interviews. Lizzie

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