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Touch the Trees

David Higgs


These are four images from 'Touch the Trees' which is an all monochrome series of large format images of the Weald and Ashdown Forest. This little known area is a small island of ancient woodland and heath in the relatively urbanised and crowded South-East of England.

Place is very important to me and my photography, these images are joining others in an exhibition and hopefully book about the annual cycle of rebirth, growth and death that occurs on the Forest. I feel that living in the Weald allows me to have a special connection with the woods that hopefully comes over in the images. Seeing the same trees change day by day, year after year, you can see changes, growth and death, fruit and disease that can make a life story for these trees that takes decades to witness.

As a photographer I feel that I have a responsibility to make people more aware of the beauty that surrounds, but sometimes eludes them. To show others that where ever we are, there is a story going on, under our noses, if only we would look.





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